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Slate coasters

      Playing with slate coasters. Engraving with a laser creates a permanent mark but doesn’t cut away the surface so it still feels like before. We will shortly be offering them in our shop and via Etsy with a range of fonts.


We made some keys! Approximately 16 & 20cm long. 6mm FSC birch plywood finished with metallic silver spray paint.     They were some props for a workshop done at the last minute, but I’m still pleased with how they

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We’re now LightTouchLasers!

Following a re-think of direction for 415Industries we’re changing our name to LightTouchLasers. We think this more closely relates to our core business and will free 415Industries to carry out more varied projects. Follow us in twitter @LTLasers or check

How to work with fonts (part 2)

How to work with fonts (part 2). Joined up thinking Working with joined up script / hand writing fonts brings a couple of extra challenges. To ensure that you achieve your intended result it is worth noting a couple of

Little BIG tokens

Some little give-away tokens for the British Interactive Group (BIG) event in Norwich today.

Paper Balloons

Following a request from a client about cutting paper templates I made some little balloons from the wonderful site PaperMatrix. This was a test with some 20cm metallic paper that was lying around the office. They’re a bit of a

Display gears

A good test for squareness and alignment I’ve recently had to move the laser and as a result needed to check that it was properly calibrated in it’s new location. I saw a design for gears in a frame on

Business Card test

I’ve been doing some experimenting with veneer and will soon be offering custom business cards in the Shopify store. I’ve been trying different settings and here’s a few versions of my current card in horizontal grain Maple.

Got wood

The plywood has arrived! Just taken delivery of a consignment of FSC certified laser grade birch plywood from Now on to one of my least favourite and dustiest tasks – the sanding…