Display gears

A good test for squareness and alignment

I’ve recently had to move the laser and as a result needed to check that it was properly calibrated in it’s new location. I saw a design for gears in a frame on Instructables and thought that it looked nice and would be a good test.


My first run was something of a worry as the gears seemed to bind at certain points, but after checking and re-checking the alignment I found that the problem actually lay with the file. At some point between the original author creating the file and my importing the design into CorelDRAW the gears had become ever so slightly non-circular. That as a pretty easy fix once I’d spotted it and certainly has increased my vigilance when importing files.
The result is pleasing and makes a nice tactile example of a design in 3mm birch.
If I was to do it again I’d use masking tape (and / or sand) the front of the wood to reduce the staining from the smoke the laser creates when it cuts the wood.